hannah x cas

Fucking perfect

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I'm very sad about what they're doing with Cas in s10. I saw the video and I felt like I was going to cry. Every new piece of info that comes out makes me want to watch it less an less and this was the one that made me make my decision not to. I agree with everything you've been saying about it.

to be honest, Not watching LIVE( people are always free to watch it recorded later) is something I recommend…so that it can affect the rating and tell them:” hey, we matter, we deserve to be listened to.”

the 0.50% pleasure it provide do not make up for the 99,50% pain.

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I nosebleeded 12 times this week.


new record.

( heart problems related probably…)

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I love watching the passion in someone's eyes for what they do. It inspires me. Nothing breaks my heart more to see an actor work so HARD to tell a story of a character they love and really believe in and the fans only care about fanservice :c

Exactly…you can see that Misha gets hurt by the torturing shirtless scene : " I’m being tortured….again. ” and the way his idea for his character never gets on screens. " I have many ideas and plot points for my character but they never materialize so… "

That’s one of the reasons why I’m so upset about this issue.

And especially for people who use either his sexuality and his wife’s to justify their objectification. ( oh his wife his polyamory , of course he doesn’t mind Cas’s story being sexualized…)

( I swear this is a legit thing I have seen….)

it’s just…..sad.

Walking into the SPN writer office like : 



D : Cas is using swear-words correctly, shit’s about to go down.

S : D:

I kind of wish fandom would stop getting its collective hopes up. It's incredibly distressing to see so many people say 'well yeah, the road's been bumpy, but DeanCas is definitely going to happen! yay! omg this is great!' or even worse 'aw, that was totally consensual and see, now that Cas is sexual he and Dean can totally do the frick-frack!!!! omg that'll be so hot, Cas is so sexy!'


Ugh, that whole “April was necessary for Cas’s sexual awakening, it showed us he likes sex” notion that is popular in certain circles is not only gross as hell for a number of different reasons, it’s a really fucking weak meta insight or narrative device.

And you know, asexuals are people too. Even if a character is ace/demi, not every character has to go about sex in the same way, the formulaic Hollywood style.

There is nothing wrong with people simply…not having sex. There’s nothing wrong with a low sex drive, or not wanting casual sex. There’s nothing wrong with one or both members of your OTP only having sex/romance with the other half. That doesn’t have to turn out all Twilighty and stupid.

Just in general, I am so sick of Romantic Obstacles and/or False Romantic Leads and love triangles. It’s lazy, and usually obvious the writer is just fucking around when one part of the triangle is OBVIOUSLY not ‘The One’. Who cares, why don’t you all just get in a pile and fuck each other, One True Orgy, let’s go, anything is better than some love triangle shit.

I could shed a tear of gratefulness

” asexual are people too.”

Thank you


Thank you.

Didn't we all think April was going to be a Romantic False Lead last hellatus...?


April, and then Nora.

I’m actually kinda worried that they’re gonna make Hannah evil/turncoat in addition to the whole love interest thing. Or have Dean kill her. Or any number of other horrible ends they always give women. 

Why anyone thinks this is gonna end well is beyond me. Even if she doesn’t die, even if she isn’t evil, she’s still possessing a human. Automatic non-con. I don’t want Hannah or Cas violating Hannah’s human host just to get their jollies off.

it's sad to realize that my favorite show hurts me more than cheers me up. Do the comic, i'm sure that it will be great.

^^ thank you kindly! * bow and offer tea*

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Wait a minute friend, I'm confused. Pardon my ignorance, but was it actually explicitly confirmed that Hannah would be Castiel's new love interest? I know they seem to be working together (to go after the rogue angels?) from the one promo, but are the writers really pairing them together officially as a romantic couple?



They said hannah was starting to care for him in a very “un-angelic” way, and that the season is going to get very “personal” for Castiel.

Plus, doesn’t this seem so nicely times after all the anti-destiel things that J2 have been saying lately?


"You never slow down to think, I guess it’s too painful to spend time with your own thoughts,Supernatural writers… My sister…really?"

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Oh god I am so sorry to keep ranting but can I also say that I thought Hannah was Cas's sister all this time??????? Like I am so wireded out and they screwed with canon AGAIN. -AOS


but they change the canon all the time because





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They do give fan service and I am sad becasue Cas is the only reason I watch the show, but horrible plot aside the objectification is so bad for him. (How many times last season was he tortured/not wearing a shirt?) I am always sad, I will be very happy when this show is over. Oh yeah and they give us a romance NO ONE wants, I have seen no one happy about this but they are so homophobic, biphobic all of it. -AOS (Sorry now I am mad about everything. Trying to ignore the show so hard.)

I fully agree with every point and I am well convinced I need to work on that comic project.

I just need to get to my commissions first.

but it will be done…

when fan-service gets in the way of the plots, it’s never any good.

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Oh gosh I am so glad I have not seen anything sexual about the new cas scenes on my dash. I must really follow the right people. All I want to do is like maybe cuddle him, make him soup and take care of him. He looks so sad. ;_; -AOS

they destroyed him beyond repair…

( what the hell are they doing to the Angel who used to be the badass of the garrison, CASTIEL…. the angel who was underestimated by Michael, who cut Pestilence’s finger with just a knife and no powers? Who beat up Dean because he was being ridiculous ? Who was his own person but also Caring and always there for the winchester? )


What the hell are they doing?

Misha , go away while you still can, just leave… leave that crap! Keep your character’s dignity!

( he’s just used to get fan-service and people drooling over a goddamn bathrobe! this is not what Castiel was! and the worse out of this is that it works! I see people just fawning over the bathrobe scene without caring about the character at all! )


how am i supposed to forget you when every time i go outside i see things that remind me of you


  • garbage cans
  • dog shit
  • asshole people
  • those babies that you want to punch in the face because they wont stop crying no matter what

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